18 Little Things You’ll Definitely Recognize If You’re A Dog Lover (And Proud Of It)

Are you a true dog lover?

If you’re a dog lover – or crazy dog person, as some people call it – then you can probably relate to a lot of these.

18 Little Things You’ll Definitely Recognize If You’re A Dog Lover (And Proud Of It)

1. Quickly identifying dog breeds

It gets a little scary after a while how quickly you’ll be able to identify dog breeds. You’ll start to analyze every dog you see, picking out its physical identifiers. Online quizzes are a breeze for you!

2. Getting excited over dog shaped things

When you find dog shaped things, it’s like the whole world came together to design it for you. Dog shaped salt and pepper shakers, dog shaped lamps, dog shaped cookie cutters. They call to you. You must have them.

3. Having at least one dog print shirt

This is a requirement for dog lovers. If you don’t have at least one dog print shirt, or shirt with a dog on it, go buy one right now. The more dogs, the better.

4. Matching your outfit to your dog’s collar

Duh! What else would you do? You don’t want to clash with your bestie.

5. Researching random dog related facts

After exposing yourself to the wonderful world of dogs, you’ll find yourself looking up dog related things all the time! Whether it’s reading articles on dog health, or researching something random like how many Afghan hounds are currently living in the United States, you will become a walking, talking doggy knowledge book.

6. Constantly checking rescues and adoption sights – even when you know you can’t get another dog

OK, maybe you can’t get another dog right now. But it doesn’t hurt to look! They all look so sad. Just give them homes already!

18 Little Things You’ll Definitely Recognize If You’re A Dog Lover (And Proud Of It)

7. Coming up with cute dog names for future dogs

Of course! Because you are going to have at least 20 dogs in your lifetime. So, you’ll have to think of some good names. The older, the better!

8. Hanging out in high dog-traffic areas in hopes of seeing a cute dog

Most dog lovers won’t admit this one, or they might not even realize they’re doing it. Hanging out in areas where lots of dogs visit is a great way to see cute pups. Maybe you’ll meet other dog people as well.

9. Waving and/or talking to dogs as they pass by while completely ignoring the owner

I think everyone does this, whether they admit that they’re a dog lover or not. Acknowledging a dog as you walk by it is a natural reaction. Talking and/or waving to it is slightly more strange, but we have no shame. That dog appreciates your approval of his cuteness. The owner might give you weird looks though.

18 Little Things You’ll Definitely Recognize If You’re A Dog Lover (And Proud Of It)

10. Taking stealth pictures of dogs and sending them to your significant other

Slightly more creepy, but totally worth it. If you are dating a dog lover – which you definitely should be – then this becomes part of your daily life. If you see a cute dog, do not keep it to yourself. That’s just selfish!

11. Finding yourself talking about dogs more often than not. #sorrynotsorry

What else would you talk about?

12. Getting more upset over a dog being hurt in a movie than a person

Dogs getting hurt in movies or TV shows is absolutely soul destroying. Who in the hound thought that was a good idea in the first place?!

18 Little Things You’ll Definitely Recognize If You’re A Dog Lover (And Proud Of It)

13. Slowly replacing your current friends with people who have dogs

It’s great for you and your pup to hang around other dog parents. They know what it’s like to be a dog mom, and they understand when plans don’t always work out. Also, play dates are so much better when there are other doggies!

14. Only doing dog friendly activities – because why would you want to do anything else? 

If you are a dog parent, then you know how difficult it is to do non-dog friendly activities. Either you drag your poor pooch along, or your forced to leave him at home where he’s sad and misses you. You’ll have more fun with your best buddy by your side!

15. Being happier to see the relative or friend’s dog than the actual person

I think everyone’s more excited to see dogs than people. Right?

18 Little Things You’ll Definitely Recognize If You’re A Dog Lover (And Proud Of It)

16. Spending more time with your dogs than your friends

Your true friends will understand. Dogs are way better than people anyway.

17. Wishing you could just quit your job and spend all day with dogs – Dreams do come true!

This is a dream come true for a lot of dog parents. Working from home or switching to a dog related field is a great way to get paid and spend time with your pup!

18. Loving your dog more than anything in the whole world

He’s your baby. End of story.


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