15 Reasons Why You Should Give Your Dog More Cookies, According To Your Dog

He may be on to something!

Dogs have a special sense of humour, and a healthy appetite that most pup parents are well aware of. It seems as though any excuse is a perfect excuse for a cookie. Whether you just woke up or got home from work, your pup believes he deserves a treat.

Here are the top 15 reasons why you should give your dog more cookies.

According to your dog, of course!

Dog Cookie GIF

1. I’m awake, you’re awake. I think it’s cookie time!

2. Second breakfast cookie?

3. You’re leaving? How about a cookie to help me forget my loneliness.

Dog Cookie GIF

4. You’re finally home! Let’s celebrate with a cookie!

5. Hmm, you’ve been reading that book for a while. Cookie?

6. Look at this thing I can do! I deserve a cookie.

Dog Cookie GIF

7. I’m so cute. Show your appreciation with a cookie!

8. Remember that time you left me at home by myself? Cookie.

9. Give me a cookie and I promise I’ll never eat the garbage again.

Dog Cookie GIF

10. Your friends on Facebook think I’m adorable. That deserves a cookie!

11. You started to eat and now I’m hungry. How about a cookie to tide me over?

12. I’ll stop begging if you give me a cookie.

Dog Cookie GIF

13. That dinner wasn’t quite filling enough. How about a cookie for dessert?

14. Bedtime cookie?

15. I’m the best dog ever! Show your love with a cookie.

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P.S. Cookie

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