10 Unique Pups That Are Celebrating National Mutt Day In The Best Way Possible

How are you celebrating #NationalMuttDay?

#NationalMuttDay, also known as National Mixed Breed Dog Day, was created in 2005 to raise awareness of homeless pets, and promote adoption of mixed breed dogs. The epidemic of homeless pets is mostly attributed to overbreeding, and lack of adoption of mixed breed dogs. Many people still prefer to buy their dogs from breeders or backyard breeders, despite the fact that millions of homeless dogs are euthanized each year. 

National Mutt Day aims to celebrate the lives of mixed breed dogs, and to show others how wonderful mutts can be. Did you know that dogs mixed with two or more breeds are likely to live longer and suffer from less health issues? 

To show our appreciation for mutts, rescue efforts, and all things dog, here are some pawsome photos of adorable pups celebrating #nationalmuttday 2016!

@nationalmuttday These pups sure know how to party!


@nationalmuttday Do you have your #nationalmuttday game face ready?


@nationalmuttday All you need is love… and a mutt.


@morileymoproblems These rescue brothers are spending #nationalmuttday catching up on some snuggles.


@nationalmuttday This cutie knows what’s up! He’s spending this #nationalmuttday enjoying the fresh air!


@mendoshelterpetsrescue This handsome dog is celebrating #nationalmuttday with Mendo Shelter Pets Rescue!


@nationalmuttday This scruffy pup embraces his inner mutt. Lookin’ cool in those shades, dog!


@mendoshelterpetsrescue Sun’s out, tongues out! Robbie knows how to celebrate #nationalmuttday.


@nationalmuttday Whether you’re out in the sun, or catching up on some ZZZs, there’s no better way to spend #nationalmuttday than with your best buddy!


How are you celebrating National Mutt Day? Share with us on Facebook and Instagram using the hashtags #nationalmuttday and #worldofangus!

Don’t worry, if you missed National Mutt Day on July 31st, you can celebrate again on December 2nd. There are too many things to celebrate about mutts in just one day!


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