10 Pit Bulls Who Will Brighten Your Day

Pitbulls don't give a damn 'bout their bad reputation...because they are actually loving, fantastic dogs when they are trained and nurtured to be so.

Pit bulls get a bad rep. Despite being billed as vicious and able to attach at any moment, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Like any dog, they are a product of both the way humans have bred them, and in how each individual dog is trained and treated. They adore their humans and are great with kids when trained properly. Pit bulls are no more prone to aggression than other breeds if they are socialized correctly, and shown a lot of love. In order to show the softer side of these lovely dogs, here are 10 pit bulls who will bring a smile to your face and brighten your day.


1. This tiniest of cuties

Just try and look at this without squealing.


2. These two snuggle-muffins

They make a compelling argument for staying in bed all day.


3. This sweet baby angel

You just can NOT resist this face.


4. This one who wants you to paint it like one of your French girls…

I’ll never let go, Jack.


5. This master of the puppy-dog-eyes

You are getting sleeeeepy. You want to take me for waaaaalkiessss.


6. This burgeoning super model

Who knew that pit bull jack russell mixes were so cute?


7. This little lovely who just wants to go to bed

She just wants to snugggglllllleeee.


8. This tiny wrinkle-face just wants to play with you

Peekaboo or fetch, your call.


9. SURPRISE!!! There’s another one!

Two are always cuter than one.



10. The happiest face you’ve ever seen

Throw the ball again!?



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